Star Partner 2018 New Caledonia - Fast Facts

Climate and Clothes: 

The average temperature in Thailand in September is 24 degrees celcius.


Currency and Tipping:

The official currency of New Caledonia is the South Pacific Franc (abbreviated to either CFP or XFP)


Australian dollars are also widely accepted in shops, hotels and restaurants.


ATM’s can be found all through Noumea. There is also an ATM at the Arrivals Hall within the airport.  


American Express and Visa are widely accepted throughout Noumea. However Mastercard and Diners Club are more limited.



Tipping is generally not expected in New Caledonia. However, small tips given to tour guides are accepted.



New Caledonia’s electricity is 220 volts. You will also need an adaptor for their power points as they have ‘Type F’ power points.


Customs and Duty Free:

Each visitor aged 17 years and older can take: 200 cigarettes or 250gms of tobacco. 2L of Table wine or 1L of Spirits.    

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